Session submission for DDD Scotland 2011 is now closed and I have to say, what am amazing collection of subjects and talks!

Fun fact for you, more sessions were submitted to DDD Scotland 2011 than were submitted to DDD 9, c’mon the Scots? Winking smile

Jesting aside, this is the part where we turn control over to you, the community and ask you to vote on the sessions you want to see on the day. DDD Scotland is a democratic process and it is the community who whittles down 88 sessions to the 20 or so that will actually run on the day. Voting is now open so what are you waiting for? Get voting!

The Sessions

  • A Quantum of Computing
  • Developing SharePoint 2010 with Visual Studio 2010
  • How to create Data Driven Silverlight Apps with No Code
  • Snake Charming : IronPython for fun and profit
  • Cross-platform apps : HTML5 for mobile devices
  • Building a Silverlight BI and Mapping Dashboard
  • Is your code S.O.L.I.D ?
  • So you want to try Scrum?
  • Enterprise Applications in minutes!
  • Introduction to Android Development using Monodroid
  • Real World Application Development with Mvc3, NHibernate, FluentNHibernate and Castle Windsor
  • Developing Windows Phone 7 Applications using Silverlight
  • Genetic Algorithms
  • Streams of Streams – Your Rx Prescription
  • Beginners Guide To Continuous Integration
  • How to really annoy your Security Tester
  • Dealing with legacy code:
  • Functional Alchemy: Tricks to keep your C# DRY*
  • Dynamic Alchemy: Real-world uses for dynamic C#
  • Azure Table Service – getting creative with Microsoft’s NoSQL datastore
  • How to manage your manager
  • Moving to Windows Phone 7 Development for .NET Developers
  • Creating Slick Windows Phone Applications
  • A Primer to RavenDB
  • A Complete Beginner’s Guide to CUDA and CUDA.NET
  • Being Dynamic with Ruby
  • From .NET to Rails, A Developer’s Story
  • Testing Ruby and Rails
  • Powershell from a DBA perspective
  • Is this advanced T-SQL or just something I don’t know?
  • Produce Cleaner Code with Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP)
  • Creating custom build activities for TFS 2010
  • Unit Testing, Test Driven Development and the Walking Skeleton
  • Touch Me, Stretch Me, Squeeze Me: The Windows 7 WPF Multi-Touch Story
  • Automating Testing With Windows Virtual PC
  • Writing Custom FxCop Rules
  • Grok Talk Workshop
  • Planning Your Internationalization Strategy
  • CQRS and Friends: Possibly distributed systems, intentionally.
  • Creating your Own Software Company: A Survival Guide
  • Designing for Others: Lessons from Commercial API Development
  • Panel Discussion – The state of the Web.
  • Building for the Modern Web – Flash, ASP.NET, Silverlight, HTML5 & Mobile Devices
  • Building for the Mobile Web – iPhone, Droid, WP7 & all the others too
  • Crap Code – The code hiding under your bed
  • Making Crap Code Better – Real world Coding Standards
  • Cloud to Scale? No. Write fast code!
  • Building software to fail – Logging, Exception Handling, Tracing, Instrumentation.
  • Natural Laws of Software Performance
  • A guide to installing Google Analytics
  • Introduction to Kanban
  • How Far Can I Push It?
  • Delivering High Quality Live and On-Demand Video to Multiple Devices
  • Deploying and Synchronising Websites Using the Web Deployment Tool
  • Ba-da-Bing! Using the IIS SEO Toolkit to Improve your Site’s Ranking
  • Rx Framework Deep Dive
  • Caliburn.Micro: Painless MVVM apps for Silverlight and WPF
  • TeamCity – taking it to the next level..
  • Controlling Humanoid Robots: A Networked Approach
  • SpecFlow – functional testing made easy
  • Building composite applications with Open frameworks
  • Building hypermedia-driven applications with OpenRasta 3
  • Package Management deep-dive with OpenWrap
  • How to build a framework, and why you almost never should.
  • ASP.NET MVC Localization
  • A Step into Workflow Foundation 4
  • Data Mining the Social Web
  • Asymptotics and Algorithms – What You’ve Forgotten Since University
  • .Net Collections Deep Dive
  • Building seriously scalable websites with ASP.NET with and without Windows
  • Schrödinger’s website – Testing web content with Google Website Optimiser
  • Did I redis right?
  • The new era of PHP frameworks
  • Introducing Doctrine 2, a PHP ORM done right
  • Computer, earl grey tea, hot
  • Media Center and Windows Home Server – Marriage in your living room
  • Fitting a new kitchen sync – oData, oData, oh oh oh
  • The dark parts of Mono
  • Don’t Make Me Wait – Achieve Faster Websites
  • Real World SLUT (Silverlight Unit Testing)
  • Learning software development the right way
  • Silverlight with Bing Maps
  • Defensive programming 101
  • Parallel… Parallelise… Pallar… Doing stuff at the same time in .NET 4.0
  • Rewriting software is the single worst mistake you can make – apparently.
  • Behavioural Driven Development (BDD) with F#
  • Getting Started with Silverlight Games Development
  • The lumberjack’s guide to logging
  • Simplifying Silverlight Concurrency with F# Asynchronous Programming

Wow, the dedication and drive to further skills in the UK development community continues to amaze and impress me. DDD 9 registration was full in just 12 minutes that is over 300 places gone in a phenomenally short space of time!

Back up here in Scotland though we are hoping to harness that enthusiasm from the community with DDD Scotland 2011 and so with that in mind Scottish Developers have issued a call for speakers. We are looking for people to submit sessions for this year’s event and the same simple rule as always applies, sessions must be related to software development. See simple.

If you have a session that you think would fit the bill or even if you have an idea for a session (you have 5 months remember!) then please, submit it :

Session submission will be open until Sunday 6th February and community voting will open on Monday 7th February.

We look forward to your submissions!

Scottish Developers

It’s good to be back organising events again, things have been rather slow of late but we are starting to get the wheels in motion and I have just sent out my first newsletter as Chairman of Scottish Developers. There are a couple of things on the horizon event wise and we are working on getting more organised.

What’s new in ASP.NET MVC 2.0 & 3.0

Note: The session is now full and a waitlist is in operation, if you are interested, register for the event and you will be notified if a ticket becomes available.

I will be delivering this talk in January at Glasgow Caledonian University as the first of our event next year. I delivered the initial version of this talk at DDD Southwest last year in Bristol and have since revised it to include the new features being introduced in ASP.NET MVC 3.0.

Topics covered include (but not limited to)

  • Razor
  • Model-Validator Providers
  • Optional URL Parameters
  • Template / HTML Helper improvements
  • Improved Dependency Injection / Inversion of Control integration
  • NuGet Package Manager
  • Additions and updates to MVC Attributes
  • Visual Studio integration improvements
  • Breaking changes from MVC 1.0/2.0
  • Pros and cons to MVC
  • To upgrade or not to upgrade (or simply, Advice)

I will also be starting a new blog series focusing on the new features of ASP.NET MVC in short, bite-sized posts. In addition, this talk has been submitted to DDD 9 (not that I am in anyway suggestion you should vote for it ;) ).

We are meeting in Room M402 on the 4th floor of the George Moore Building at Glasgow Caledonian University, Cowcaddens Road, Glasgow, G4 0BA.

After the meeting we normally retire to the back bar at Waxy O’Connor’s

DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper! Day 9 (DDD 9)

The jewel in the crown of the DDD calendar, the (roughly) annual national conference held at Microsoft’s campus in Reading is rapidly approaching. Session voting is currently open so get your votes in as the voting period closes on Christmas Eve (24th December).

DDD, now into it’s 9th incarnation, has a strong history of fantastic speakers and excellent talks, this year is shaping up to be no different with talks submitted by everyone from community veterans to DDD newcomers. Having organised DDD Scotland last year along side Colin Mackay and Craig Murphy I know how much goes into making one of these events happen and I once more take my hat off to Craig, Phil Winstanley (and his faithful servant Dave Sussman), Ian Cooper and Zi Makki for the amazing work and dedication they put into making DDD happen.

Session voting is currently open however it closes at midnight tonight so this is your last chance to have your say! Head over to the DDD 9 site now to cast your votes.

Registration for the big day opens on January 4th at 13:37 and tickets will go fast so be ready. The hashtag on the day will be #ddd9.

DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper! Day Scotland 2011 (DDD Scotland 2011)

Planning is well under way for next year’s DDD Scotland which will be held at the usual venue, Glasgow Caledonian University, on Saturday 7th May 2011. We are in the process of putting the website live and the call of speakers will be going out very soon so get those abstracts and bios ready!

Putting on an event like DDD Scotland needs cold hard cash so we can keep the event free and open to all and so we are asking for companies to come forward again this year and put their hands in their pockets for us. DDD Scotland is a prime opportunity to get your brand in front of around 200 industry professionals and with a number of sponsorship options available, we can help your company reach out to a very active and passionate development community.

If you are interested, please get in touch by contacting us at support [at] scottishdevelopers [dot] com.

For more information on Scottish Developers and for the latest news, events and job openings from across Scotland check out

It’s been an eventful year and I can already see that 2011 will be even busier, I think a retrospective post is in order after Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone, have a great time and don’t let the cold weather get you down too much ;)

Wow, I haven’t actually posted anything this year so I feel it is time to fix that with an update from Scottish Developers. Oh and this is also the first post using a new theme (well, new for my blog anyway). I am starting to tire of WordPress so am seriously considering writing my own site in ASP.NET 4.0 / MVC 2 just to play with things. Anyway, here are the upcoming events on the Scottish Developer’s calendar.


  • Wednesday 16th, Dundee – Web Application Testing With Selenium
    I will be doing a final run of my introductory talk on testing web applications using Selenium at the University of Dundee. There are still places available for this talk so please see the registration page for more details.
  • Thursday 25th, Glasgow – Guathon!
    Geek celebrity Scott Guthrie (Scott Gu), vice president of the Developer Division at Microsoft, will be spending an entire day in Glasgow talking on Visual Studio 2010, .NET 4.0 and Silverlight 3.0. Places are limited for this event so head over to the Guathon page and get registered asap!
  • Friday 26th, Edinburgh – Geek Dinner
    We will be taking an evening off from the code and presentations at the end of the month while reflecting on the teaching of The Gu from the previous day. At present we don’t have a restaurant in mind for this yet but we are open to suggestions. Since we need to get an idea of numbers for the dinner, if you are interested in joining us please make sure you register first.


  • Wednesday 14th, Edinburgh – Introduction to SOLID
    Chris Canal will be providing an introduction to SOLID and how it can be used to build more maintainable software which reacts better to change. There are still places available for this talk so please see the registration page for more details.
  • Monday 19th, Edinburgh & Tuesday 20th, Glasgow – Jesse Liberty
    Silverlight guru Jesse Liberty will be speaking for us in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Details for this should be available soon, keep an eye out on the Scottish Developers blog for updates.
  • Wednesday 28th, Dundee - SSL/TLS – Just when you thought it was safe to return
    If you are interested in internet security this is a talk you wont want to miss. Arron Finnon will be explaining why SSL/TLS is not as secure as we believe and will be pointing out the vulnerabilities with this very commonly used security technology. There are still places available for this talk so please see the registration page for more details.


  • Saturday 8th May, Glasgow – Developer Day Scotland 2010
    This is a day not to be missed and the highlight of the Scottish Developer’s calendar. Join us for a day of presentations, grok talks and geekery at Glasgow Caledonian University. 20 speakers, 4 rooms and various topics including  jQuery, Defensive Programming, HTML 5, Code Contracts and Silverlight. We are getting close to full for registrations so make sure you don’t miss out and get signed up ASAP. More information can be found on the conference home page.
  • Saturday 8th May, Glasgow – DDD Scotland Geek Dinner
    Come chill out after DDD Scotland and catch up with developers, speakers and the organisers to share stories and experiences over a good meal in the heart of Glasgow (exact venue yet to be decided although we expect to be in the Merchant City area). Afterwards you can retire to a bar or pub to continue conversation or head out to a club to party.

All of this information can be found in a handy iCal format from our Google Calendar.

    I have been quite busy over the last little while between moving flat, finishing university, looking for a job and other things and as such I have not had the time I would have liked (as well as the energy) to write a couple of the posts I have in mind although there are some drafts now kicking around I am working on.

    In the mean time I have been invited to join the Scottish Developers committee and as of yesterday I have taken over the role of convener for the Dundee (well, soon to be Tayside) branch of the user group. I am very happy to be asked to fill this position and I look forward to getting started.

    Thanks again to Colin and the rest of the committee for the opportunity.